TableStars - The Latest in Fashion for the Table

TableStars - The Latest in Fashion for the Table


About Us

What's Our Story?

It started with a party...

In 2016 innovator Natalie Feldman wanted more color on the table for a fete to celebrate her young twin daughters.  After searching and searching but being unable to find the perfect solution, she designed a table topper she loved, and instantly thought - "I bet others would love these too".  So a bit of legal work and far too much waiting, and a clever team of wonderful weavers, engineers and attorneys - and now you can enjoy TableStars for as many parties as you like.  What are you waiting for? Let's celebrate!

We offer different TableStars for different types of events but you can only get them through an authorized distributor.  So let's get busy finding just what you want...

Celebrations – Planning down to the fork, every last detail just right?  Your local linen rental company is the best place to find the perfect color and perfect textile for your table top design.  If they don't carry TableStars - call us, we will work with them to get you what you need.

Parties – A light affair without too much fuss - quick and easy designs available in disposable paper (lushes prints!!) and responsible plastic and are available at a retailer that carries party supplies near you.  Not sure where to go? Call us and we will direct you to a retailer near you.  If you're a retailer and you'd like to carry TableStars, let's talk.

Custom – Need a special design? Want to match your invitations? Hosting sponsors for your event and want their logo's printed on your TableStars? Having an A-List Extravaganza, and need OTT?  Look no further!  We can do that.  No design is too outrageous - we can give you what you want! Let's talk about your needs.