Introducing TableStars Overlays

TableStars overlays are the perfect way to add panache to your party! Each TableStars overlay is designed to be placed on a round or rectangular banquet table for a stunning look that’s sure to get attention. Our customers include hosts, hotels, banquet halls, event planners, wedding planners, corporations, convention halls, social halls and caterers - as well as anyone who simply loves to throw a good party.

More About TableStars Overlays

With patterns ranging from bold to classic and an assortment of designer colors, you’ll be able to liven up your next event with some instant personality. But TableStars overlays aren’t just about appearance—they also help banquet staff set up tables in a hurry because they’ll be able to see at a glance where each place setting should go. Although made with recyclable paper, TableStars overlays are designed to withstand the demands of events and banquets, you will have no ink bleed or moisture issues with normal use of the panels. They can hold up to dripping glasses for more than twelve hours.

TableStars overlays come in separate standard sizes, each designed for a typical banquet table: for round tables select the 60 inch size and for rectangle tables select the 30 x72 inch for 6 guests or 30 x 96 inch size for 8 guests. The overlays for round tables will cover a 60-inch round tables for 8 guests.

We’ve heard time and time again that a TableStars overlay changes the whole feel of a room. You’ll go from ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of minutes—overlays infuse your gathering with elegance, sophistication, and a dash of fun.

How to Use TableStars Overlays

Use your TableStars overlay on any standard banquet table. You don’t need a tablecloth to enjoy a TableStar overlay, but if the table is a typical commercial table, you will probably want a coordinating tablecloth. You’ll find recommended colors for tablecloths that match our overlays - and our products are all photographed with the same popular tablecloths you can find at popular retailers online. Assembly instructions are included with your TableStar overlay and are easy to follow. Once assembled, place your overlay in the center of the table. It’s that simple!

TableStars overlays bring so much personality to the table, you might not even need to add a centerpiece—just put each place setting on its own section and you’re ready for your party.

TableStars Overlays are only available here.

TableStars overlays are an innovative product that we are excited to bring to bring to the market. Wedding planners and venues around the United States can help you select styles and sizes and we are happy to work directly with any planner or venue to assist with selection needs. Don’t see a style or a color you’re looking for - let us know. [email protected]