Rectangle Table Overlays

Standard rectangle tables used in the banquet industry are 30 inches (76 cm) wide and are available in a variety of lengths. 

These overlays fit 30in (76cm) wide tables of even lengths such as 2 feet (24 inches / 61cm), 4 feet (48 inches / 122 cm), 6 feet (72 inches / 183 cm) and 8 feet (96 inches / 244cm).  They are not sized to fit odd length tables thus they will not properly fit tables in lengths of 5 foot, 7 foot or 9 foot.  If you would like us to consider making overlays for odd length tables, please take a moment to let us know.  With enough interest, we will consider bring such a product to market

If you are renting or purchasing a folding table, it is most likely that you have an even length table.  Odd length tables are less common generally.  

Please, measure the tables you are planning to use first before ordering so you know our product will fit properly.

Our rectangle overlays for even length tables place each guest 24" (61 cm) apart from left to right and of course, 30" (76cm) across from one another if you seat guests on both sides.

All overlays are made from responsibly sourced papers that are recyclable.  Please read our section about the durability and limits of the paper as it pertains to open flames (do not use) and dripping water goblets, glasses and cups.

Some assembly is required.