Round Table Overlays

TableStar’s round table overlays add a touch of elegance to any event, party, or get-together. Our products are popular with banquet halls, wedding planners, caterers, event planners, and anyone else who enjoys entertaining. Designed to be placed over a coordinating tablecloth, TableStar overlays come in a variety of both classic and on-trend patterns in your choice of designer colors. Our round table overlays can change the whole feel of a room and they bring so much personality to the table, you might not even need to have a centerpiece!

Selecting Round Table Overlays

Overlays in this category are designed for round tables only. They will seat the number of people indicated in the product description.

Standard round tables used in the banquet industry are 60 inches (153 cm) or 72 inches (183 cm). If you need another size, please contact us and let us know; if there is enough demand, we may begin to produce overlays in additional sizes.

To ensure a perfect fit, please measure the tables you are planning to use before ordering so you know exactly which size to order. Need a swatch to help plan your event’s decor? We’re happy to send them to you.

Some assembly is required.

Using TableStar Overlays

Using TableStar overlays couldn’t be easier. First, place your tablecloth on the table. Next, assemble your round table overlay according to the package instructions. Position your overlay onto the center of the table and you’ve just given your gathering an instant upgrade.

Of course, TableStar overlays aren’t just for looks—they’re practical too. Use them to protect your tablecloth and fine linen from spills and accidents. Banquet halls and wedding planners appreciate our round table overlays because they let staff know precisely where to position each place setting, ensuring that every guest is evenly spaced and speeding up the process.

All overlays are made from responsibly-sourced papers that are recyclable. TableStar’s round table overlays are manufactured with paper coated to withstand the demands of the banquet industry, and as a paper product they should be used with some common sense precautions. Please read our section about the durability and limits of the paper as it pertains to open flames (do not use) but you can expect them to withstand dripping water goblets, glasses and cups and still look attractive.