10 Great Suggestions for Guest Gifts

10 Great Suggestions for Guest Gifts

Guest Favors - To Give or Not to Give...

Are you planning a wedding and stuck on favors? You know, guest gifts. Those little trinkets of clever theme items the happy couple gives as memorable tokens of appreciation to their attendees. To give or not to give?That’s a tough question, right?  We get it. Even though the internet has a sea of endless articles that say you should have wedding favors, there are an equal number that plead with you not to spend the money or the time.  It can be confusing, especially when you are already swimming in decision-making and watching your money flying out of your wallet like it’s a space shuttle. Well, we’re going to walk you through some thoughts, give you some of the pros and cons, and then let you and the love of your life decide. Hopefully this will be helpful and you’ll find a few clever ideas on how to spark up your wedding tables too.

How did favors get started?

Gift giving has a long history going back millennia. There’s really no date certain of when couples began offering gifts to their attending guests but there are some notes on it below.  It is clearly a long tradition and you may follow it or not – ask yourself, are you traditional? If you choose to, it reflects on your generous nature as hosts that feel gratitude towards those sharing in your joy. And, a memento that commemorates your event gives them something to remember you by.

Many gifts can be customized by adding your names and wedding date, even a catchphrase or slogan. Only you can answer the question “Are attendee gifts right for your wedding”?

The Pros And Cons Of Wedding Favors


There is no set-in-stone wedding tradition that says wedding favors are a must, so having them is totally your own personal choice. But if you’re looking for some reasons to justify the expense, here you go…

A Thank You

Yes, you’ve likely provided a meal and drinks for your guests but they too have gone to special lengths to join you. And they have no doubt purchased a special (and sometimes quite expensive) gift to celebrate your new union. It’s not a contest to also gift to them, but it is a kindness. Wedding favors are a way of say “thanks for coming and thinking of us”. And who doesn’t love free stuff? Your wedding guests will enjoy the special gift, and with so many creative wedding favor ideas, you can no doubt gift them something they will use and enjoy. As for customized with your wedding names and date – not necessary.  Fun but not necessary.

A Tradition

Yes, wedding favors date back to 16th century England when it was common for the bride and groom to give guests love knots constructed from ribbon and lace as a favor (or gift) and represent their intense love bond. So, I guess you could say they are a tradition; but nowhere does it say that you can’t have a wedding without them.

Give Back

Many couples over the years have viewed wedding favors as a cheesy gift that guests may not even appreciate. If small bags of candy or tiny picture frames aren’t your ideas of a way to thank your guests, there is good news. Today you can use your favors as a way to give back. Simply print small cards to be placed at each table setting with a small note telling your guests you have donated to your favorite charity on their behalf. It’s a great reminder that weddings are more than just presents and favors. Still generous, not personal, but always an option.


Wedding favor cons may be different for each couple but here are just a few that might be important.


Of course, having wedding favors at your event will have an impact on your budget. Each wedding favor can cost an average of $2 - $20, so if you’re having a big wedding, that adds up quickly. Sourcing 400 items that appeal to both genders can be a stretch too.


Can you imagine spending $2 - $20 on each wedding favor and then your guests just throw them away? Or simply not even take them home. This is something to consider in the big picture of your event. But with a little extra creativity we have composed a list of reasonable and clever/helpful items that just might work for your event.

Wedding Favors Your Guests WILL Keep

We have scoured the usual sources and searched in some not so obvious places and we present you with a list of guest gifts to consider that you might find surprisingly good!

Beach Wedding

If you’re having a beach wedding, these favors may be the perfect little gift that will keep on giving.


Best Day Ever Wedding Favors

Image Source: Etsy - Bestdayeverspot

Many beach weddings (or destination weddings) will come with a few days of fun and sun. And one of the most popular things that travelers forget to pack is sunscreen. So a wedding favor of sunscreen could save the day. And on Etsy, you can get them customized with your names and your wedding date.

Lip Balm

     Mountainous Lip Balm

For the same reason that sunscreen is a great gift, customized lip balm is too.  Image Source: Etsy - Mountainous

Beach Towel