4 Key Ideas on Hosting a Summer Garden Party

4 Key Ideas on Hosting a Summer Garden Party

It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy—or so the song goes. After a long winter and an especially difficult year, many of us are looking forward to a summer full of celebrations and get-togethers, but we’d probably prefer not to create stress for ourselves if we’re hosting. With this in mind, we’re sharing some simple ideas for hosting a summer garden party.

Rent Tables and Chairs

Odds are that your backyard outdoor seating isn’t prepared for a crowd. Even if you do have a folding table or two a mix of odds and ends when combined can look haphazard at best. Patio furniture, folding chairs of different sizes, heights and styles, etc... throwing a cloth over things seems like a simple idea but the look might struggle a lot. It’s less expensive than you know to rent banquet tables and chairs - even if you only need a few pieces - and most rental companies deliver, set up and retrieve them (sometimes these services are even free!).

Photo by Ben Rosett

Don’t Overdo Your Decor

A summer garden party calls for decor that looks and feels effortless, no fuss and not elaborate. Part of this is practical—you don’t want a gentle breeze blowing your decorations away—but you don’t want to totally eliminate aesthetics either. A garden party is about celebrating the beauty of summer, so a focus on flowers and greenery is a must.

A TableStars overlay is perfect for a summer garden party because it adds a pop of color, some interesting artwork and a bit of panache to the banquet table and chairs you rent but it does so without dominating the scene. You can’t go wrong with a floral motif like Victoria’s Choice in light pink or aqua, but our sage green Damask pattern is an elegant choice for a more formal gathering. For a dash of Boho chic, try our Modern Chintz, which is inspired by the textiles of India.

If you really want to go the extra mile, consider what will be in bloom during your summer garden party and coordinate your decor with those flowers. Coral to complement roses, fuchsia when peonies are blossoming— oh think of the possibilities!

Have a Plan B

It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan with an outdoor celebration, particularly one that can’t be easily rescheduled, like a wedding or graduation party. As long as you’re renting tables and chairs anyway, tents or a canvas overhang are a great option because they let you enjoy the beauty of nature even if it’s raining or the sun is bearing down. If tents aren’t a possibility, make sure you have an indoor space available should unexpected weather pass through.

Plan a Light, Seasonally-Inspired Menu

A summer garden party isn’t the occasion for heavy casseroles and such. Put together some seasonal and colorful fruits, a colorful sliced meats-and-cheese board for an appetizer that doubles as a stunning centerpiece.

Photo by Evelyn Semenyuk