Decorating for Prom?  What You Need to Know.

Decorating for Prom? What You Need to Know.

Spring is here and one of the most magical moments of the year for high school students is upon us - Prom.

Prom 2021 is looking to be a very promising season. This year proms are being planned outdoors and some schools are organizing smaller gatherings. This year is a great opportunity to celebrate this high school tradition.

Masquerade, Black Tie, Roaring 20s, Around the World, Carnival Celebration — and the list goes on. Prom themes keep the event fun and memorable. Schools have a never-ending list of themes to choose from. It’s a great chance to go all out as teens embrace their creative side. The next task is buying the décor to make the night come alive.

It’s important to note, creating the theme can become quite costly if you’re not careful. The easiest thing you can do is start with the basics and build out your perfect theme. After the venue is chosen, think next about the décor specifics. Figure out the guest count and number of tables needed. Then find out the shape of the tables, whether they’re circular, rectangular or a combination of the two. The most fun comes with picking out the centerpieces and table decorations to truly make the tables pop.

Tablestarshas an array of table overlays to help get this party started. All overlays, sold by the Florida-based company, are made from responsibly sourced papers and are recyclable. The best part, their products are cost-effective and great for schools on budget.  And they space everyone apart at the table.

Add a touch of animal print that’s complemented by water color flowers. You’ll see vibrant pink peonies, white tulips, pink apple blossoms and blue iris. You’ll have all of it gorgeously captured in the Silver Leopard with Spring Floral TableStar Overlay. Make a Roaring 20’s theme come alive with the champagne patterned overlay. Prom-goers will appreciate the elegance brought by the Damask TableStar Overlay. It comes in multiple shades to perfectly match your prom theme. The three additional shade options include coral, sage green and dusty pink.

Create a gorgeous and eye-catching table design. Once you’ve selected overlays, pick out a tablecloth color that matches. When choosing a tablecloth color, you can always pick a color that’s already present in the overlay. It will create a beautiful look. There are tons of captivating options for tabletop decor which include flowers, vases and candles.

A black tie themed prom is a gorgeous choice. Imagine tables with bright roses in glass vases, black table cloths and floral overlays. There’s a selection of different shades and designs to choose from.

If you truly want to embrace the spring season, you can go with Victoria’s Choice Light Cream TableStar Overlay. This design has a pattern of butterflies and colorful flowers in shades of fuchsia, cream and blue. It’s a very elegant yet refreshing look that will make for a charmingly modern décor choice.

Now is the time to prep for prom and make it a truly magical event. After all, it is the most talked up night of the year. There is no reason for it to not live up to the hype. Create a décor to truly make your chosen theme come alive. Guests will be amazed by the exquisite and captivating detail. You are on your way to becoming a full-fledged party planner. 

Happy prom season!